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Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said Aug. 12 that China's authoritarian expansion is wrecking the cross-strait status quo and called on the global community to stand with Taiwan to maintain regional peace and stability.
The minister made the remarks during an exclusive interview with VOA's William Gallo in Taipei City about the significance of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit earlier in the month and China's recent military activities.
According to Wu, Taiwan will not be prevented from conducting its own foreign policy. Beijing will always find excuses to threaten Taiwan, with or without Pelosi's visit, he said, adding that foreign delegations are more than welcome to visit the country.
Although China announced an end to its live-fire drills around Taiwan, the military threat remains, the minister said, citing 11 sorties by its warplanes crossing the median line in the Taiwan Strait the day before.
Wu said such actions not only violate the principle laid out by the U.N. to resolve differences in a peaceful and constructive manner, but also jeopardize rules-based international order. Taiwan's like-minded partners including G7 countries have also issued a statement demanding China must cease its military activities, he added.
The minister said the people in Taiwan have no interest in the statements or principles reiterated in the white paper Beijing recently released. The so-called "one country, two systems" proposal is a fantasy, as evidenced by the way the Chinese government is treating Hong Kong, he added.
Wu said China's ambition is not limited to Taiwan but extends to the South and East China Seas, as well as Africa, Indian Ocean, Latin America and the Pacific. Members of the democratic world need to stand in unity to prevent China's authoritarian expansion, he added.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said "Minister Wu laid it bare in the @VOANews interview by @GalloVOA: #Taiwan will never succumb either to authoritarianism or to the notorious #1C2S scam. Its door will remain open for global democracy, despite #China's flagrant & unjustified military aggression." (SFC-E)
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President Tsai Ing-wen said Aug. 15 that the government is committed to strengthening cooperation with the U.S. to ensure stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.
Taiwan is working to bolster economic cooperation with international friends like the U.S. who share democratic values, Tsai said. Playing a part in the process are mechanisms such as the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade in June and prospective high-standard trade and avoidance of double taxation agreements, she added.
Tsai made the remarks while receiving a U.S. congressional delegation led by Senator Ed Markey, chair of the Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Other members of the group include Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Alan Lowenthal, Rep. Don Beyer and Rep. Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen.
According to Tsai, Russia's invasion of Ukraine highlights the threat authoritarian nations pose to the global order, while China's prolonged military exercises in the waters surrounding Taiwan have gravely affected regional peace and stability. Taiwan is committed to ensuring stability and maintaining the status quo across the strait, she said.
Tsai took the opportunity to thank Markey for his staunch support of Taiwan, including his vote to pass the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act and assistance in acquiring COVID-19 vaccines for the country last year.
In response, Markey described Taiwan as a beacon of democracy, human rights, and free speech in a region where many who stand up for those universal values are targeted every day. The country has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19 and has become a global technology and manufacturing powerhouse, particularly in semiconductors, he said, adding that the entire world benefits from Taiwan's expertise and leadership. (DL-E)
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Senator Ed Markey and a bipartisan, bicameral U.S. congressional delegation touched down Aug. 14 in Taiwan on a two-day visit to discuss bilateral security, economic and trade developments, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
According to the MOFA, the group gathers members from important committees on armed services, ways and means and foreign relations. It comprises Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Alan Lowenthal, Rep. Don Beyer and Rep. Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen.
Highlights of the delegation's itinerary include an audience with President Tsai Ing-wen, a banquet hosted by MOFA Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu and a visit to the Legislative Yuan's Foreign and National Defense Committee. The visit demonstrates the staunch U.S. support of Taiwan which shows no fear of China's threats and intimidation as it escalates regional tensions.
The MOFA said Markey is a staunch supporter of Taiwan. This is evidenced by his voting for the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979 as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and his participation in the Senate Taiwan Caucus following his election as a Senator in 2013, the ministry added.
Markey has actively promoted legislation backing the country as the chairman of the subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific and International Cybersecurity Policy under the U.S. Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, the MOFA said. Such legislation has included the Taiwan Actions Supporting Security by Undertaking Regular Engagements Act; the Taiwan Partnership Act enhancing cooperation between the U.S. National Guard and Taiwan's defense forces; and the Taiwan Fellowship Act allowing U.S. officials to study Mandarin in Taiwan.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said: "Vice Minister Yui extended the warmest of welcomes to #Taiwan's longstanding friend @SenMarkey & his cross-party delegation comprising @RepGaramendi, @RepLowenthal, @RepDonBeyer & @RepAmata. We thank the like-minded #US lawmakers for the timely visit & unwavering support." (YCH-E)
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aug. 13 strongly condemned the decision by China to sanction Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agne Vaiciukeviciute and suspend international road transport relations with the EU member state.
The groundless action is an incomprehensible and irrational retaliation against regular exchanges between sovereign countries, the MOFA said, adding that it also exposes Beijing's bullish defiance of international democratic rules and order.
Vaiciukeviciute was in Taiwan Aug. 7-11 as head of a delegation comprising Lithuanian officials and business leaders from the country's electric bus sector.
On the last day of her stay, the official visited the MOFA, where she was welcomed by Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu. The group later had an in-depth discussion with Deputy Foreign Minister Harry Ho-jen Tseng in which the two sides exchanged views on the possibility of expanding cooperation in areas including direct flights and port and harbor infrastructure development.
In the meeting, Vaiciukeviciute said successful collaboration will show that her country has made the right decision to remain on the path of freedom and democracy. Such mutually beneficial endeavors will also demonstrate the strength of democratic partners working in tandem for prosperity, she added.
In response, Tseng said he looked forward to enhanced transportation cooperation between the two sides. The government and people sincerely appreciate Lithuania's unwavering support for Taiwan despite Beijing's economic coercion, he added.
According to the MOFA, Taiwan and Lithuania are like-minded partners with a close and friendly relationship. The government will continue to bolster cooperation with Lithuania across the board, especially in areas spanning aviation, electric buses, 5G telecommunication technology and smart and green transportation.
In a tweet on the MOFA's official Twitter account, Wu said "Goliath = bullies like #China & #Russia; David = moral giants like #Taiwan & #Lithuania. We, the forces for good, won't shy away from the values we hold close to our hearts despite threats & coercion. BTW, I'm sanctioned for life but many here are super jealous. JW" (SFC-E)
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President Tsai Ing-wen said Aug. 11 that the government is committed to defending Taiwan's sovereignty and national security while holding the line of defense for democracy and freedom.
Amid the heightened military threat from China, Taiwan will neither escalate conflict nor instigate disputes, Tsai said, adding that the armed forces are prepared to respond to war without seeking or retreating from it.
Tsai made the remarks during a visit to the country's Air Force Combatant Command in Taipei City.
According to Tsai, members of the military are faced with greater burden in the wake of China's recent live-fire exercises. The people of Taiwan are united in their support for the country's fighting men and women, she said.
Other high-profile participants included Wellington Koo, secretary-general of the National Security Council, and Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng.
Tsai also took the opportunity to thank the service members for their round-the-clock efforts to safeguard the country's airspace and protect the public.(DL-E)
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President Tsai Ing-wen said Aug. 11 that Taiwan is committed to deepening ties with Paraguay and creating opportunities for further exchange, cooperation and bilateral trade.
Taiwan and Paraguay share the values of freedom and democracy as allies, Tsai said.
Tsai made remarks while accepting the credentials of Carlos Jose Fleitas Rodriguez, Paraguay's new ambassador to the ROC (Taiwan), at the Presidential Office in Taipei City.
According to Tsai, the two sides are close trade partners and bilateral trade has accelerated since the Taiwan-Paraguay Economic Cooperation Agreement took effect in 2018. This is reflected by the country's record high amount of 29,000 tons of premium beef imports from the South American ally last year, Tsai added.
The countries' years of cooperation have also produced achievements across a spectrum of sectors, for example, the ongoing Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University project, she added.
Tsai also took the opportunity to ask Fleitas to convey appreciation to President Mario Abdo Benitez for speaking in support of Taiwan at international events. Democratic partners must strengthen collaboration and jointly defend their shared values and way of life to counter continued authoritarian expansion, she added.
In response, Fleitas said the preservation of human rights and the fundamental values of freedom, equality, justice and the rule of law comprise the unshakeable foundation of the two sides' partnership. It is hoped that Taiwan can become a member of the international system for its valuable contributions to the global community in overcoming challenges like the pandemic, he added.
The two countries are highly complementary in economic development, Fleitas said, adding that Taiwan has helped lay a foundation for Paraguay's technological development and the South American country is an ideal investment destination for local businesses.
Fleitas pledged to continue advancing economic and technical cooperation while increasing bilateral trade, adding that while geographically distant, the allies are closely linked by the shared pursuit of economic prosperity, social justice and peoples' welfare. (YCH-E)
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The 2022 Bilateral Meeting on the Cooperative Program in Agricultural Sciences between Taiwan and the U.S. was held Aug. 2, highlighting the like-minded partners commitment to bolstering mutually beneficial research ties, according to the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture.
Convened by the COA and U.S. Department of Agriculture, the daylong event focused on issues concerning crop production and protection; livestock health and rearing; natural resources and sustainable agricultural systems; and nutrition, food safety and food quality.
Major achievements made in collaborative projects include epidemiological research on the porcine Seneca Valley virus and subsequent development of a testing reagent, the continuance of Taiwan's foot-and-mouth-disease-free status, and research on climate change's connection to the emergence and reemergence of parasitic diseases, the COA said.
According to the COA, additional important progress was made on two fronts during the meeting, with both sides agreeing to resume fishery and forestry cooperation—which had been stalled for several years—and to boost personnel training and technical exchanges.
Following the Guidelines for Cooperative Programs in the Agricultural Sciences inked between the American Institute in Taiwan and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs in 1986, regular bilateral meetings have been held to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in agricultural science and technologies. (DL-E)
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The Mainland Affairs Council, a cabinet-level administrative agency under the Executive Yuan, said Taiwan and China are not subordinate to each other, and the people of Taiwan strongly oppose the "one country, two systems" approach proclaimed by Beijing, in a statement released Aug. 10.
The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a sovereign country that has never been under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, the MAC said. China's claim of jurisdiction over Taiwan through wrong interpretation of a U.N. General Assembly resolution has been solemnly condemned and objected to by many democratic countries, it added.
The MAC's statement came in response to the Taiwan white paper issued by Beijing earlier the same day falsely claiming that Taiwan is part of China and proclaiming its determination to unify with Taiwan, including by the use of force as a last resort.
By painting a misleading picture of the prospect of its "national unification" and shifting responsibility for its aggressive action against Taiwan, the white paper reiterated Beijing's wishful thinking that runs completely counter to international law and the cross-strait status quo, the MAC said.
The council said such clumsy political maneuvering reflects China's ossified thinking and underscores its ambition to disrupt peace across the Taiwan Strait and in the region through the use of force. Such futile attempts only evoke greater public resentment, it added.
According to the MAC, democratic Taiwan is a responsible stakeholder in the region, while China is the leading cause of regional risk and crisis. Beijing needs to stop threatening Taiwan with military coercion and spreading false statements, it added.
Beijing needs to recognize that Taiwan is fully committed to defending its free and democratic constitutional system while resisting annexation or encroachment upon its sovereignty, the MAC said, adding that the future of Taiwan must be decided in accordance with the will of its 23 million people.
The government is determined to safeguard freedom and democracy, the MAC said, urging the country's democratic partners around the world to stand with Taiwan in resisting the irresponsible and reckless provocation by China's authoritarian regime. (SFC-E)
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In the past few days, China has conducted large-scaled joint military exercises around Taiwan, gravely threatening regional peace and security. I want to take this opportunity to convey Taiwan's position.
1. China's decision to carry out military exercises in areas surrounding Taiwan is a gross violation of Taiwan's rights under international law, particularly in the way it designated the zones for its exercises.
Furthermore, it has hindered the normal operations of one of the busiest air and shipping routes in the Indo-Pacific region. This has had a serious impact on international transportation and trade, and undermined regional peace and security. Taiwan thus strongly condemns China's extremely irresponsible behavior.
2. China's targeted, large-scaled military exercises are a serious provocation. China has used Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan as a pretext, but is pursuing its true intentions in a number of ways:
Firstly, China has threatened Taiwan militarily for years, and it continues to upgrade its efforts. This is a fact. China has openly declared its ownership over the Taiwan Strait. It aims to influence the international community's freedom of navigation in the waters and airspace of the Taiwan Strait by denying the status quo that it is an international waterway. On this occasion, China has also taken specific actions to break the long-standing tacit agreement on the median line of the Taiwan Strait. And after the drills conclude, China may try to routinize its action in an attempt to wreck the long-term status quo across the Taiwan Strait.
Secondly, China has used the drills in its military play-book to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan. It is conducting large-scale military exercises and missile launches, as well as cyberattacks, disinformation, and economic coercion, in an attempt to weaken public morale in Taiwan.
Thirdly, in terms of the range of its missile tests, China is clearly trying to deter other countries from interfering in its attempt to invade Taiwan. Its rehearsal of anti-access and area-denial (A2/AD) tactics gives us a clear image of China's geostrategic ambitions beyond Taiwan.
In other words, China's real intention behind these military exercises is to alter the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and the entire region. This has already brought significantly unstable elements into the mix, threatening regional security.
3. Taiwan certainly has the right to maintain relationships with other countries and to participate in and contribute to the international community. The people of Taiwan also have the right to express their collective will through democratic system. China has no right to interfere in or alter this. The government of Taiwan has consistently upheld its four commitments—namely, a commitment to a free and democratic constitutional system; a commitment that the ROC(Taiwan) and the PRC are separate jurisdictions, with neither subordinate to the other; a commitment to resist annexation or encroachment upon our sovereignty; and a commitment that the future of Taiwan must be decided in accordance with the will of the Taiwanese people. Taiwan is grateful to all of its friends around the world who have stood up courageously to condemned China's actions and to support of Taiwan. The support of so many nations let Taiwan people know that we are not alone. It also sends a message to the world that democracy will not bow to the intimidation of authoritarianism.
4. Although China seems to be targeting Taiwan now, its activities around the world have shown that its motivation is far beyond Taiwan. China is now determined to link the East and South China Seas through the Taiwan Strait so that this entire area becomes its internal waters. And its intentions are not likely to stop there, as the PLA has crossed the first island chain multiple times to conduct military exercises in recent years. In addition, in May this year, China signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, and intended to do the same with more Pacific countries. China's influence also extends into Southeast Asia, South Asia, and even Africa and Latin America. China's behavior towards Taiwan is merely a pretext. Its ambitions and impact is extending far beyond Taiwan. It is thus critical that all freedom-loving nations work together to explore means to respond to the expansion of authoritarianism.
5. In facing China's joint military exercises, Taiwan's people, society, military and government have displayed resilience and confidence, and remained calm. China's continued attempts to intimidate Taiwan will not panic us, nor will they defeat us. To Taiwan, the values of freedom and democracy cannot be taken away; they are built into our DNA. Taiwan will continue to staunchly uphold its free and democratic way of life. Acting upon its beliefs with the same determination, Taiwan will continue to defend its sovereignty, its freedom, democracy, and prosperity. We also hope that the international community will support Taiwan in unison and put a stop to China's irresponsible threats and ambitious expansion, and jointly safeguard a free and open, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific.
An article published Aug. 8 in U.K.-based daily The Telegraph by Lithuania Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis voicing support for Taiwan is sincerely appreciated by the government and people, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
Headlined "The Free World Can't Allow Taiwan to Become a Second Ukraine," the article said U.S. speaker Nancy Pelosi'srecent visit to Taiwan should not be an excuse for China to conduct live-fire exercises and naval maneuvers near Taiwan.
The 23 million people of Taiwan and their choice to live in a free democratic society should not be sacrificed, Landsbergis said, adding that he hopes many more defenders of freedom and democracy will follow Pelosi.
According to Landsbergis, China has been conducting atrade war with Lithuania ever since it became the first EU member to open a Taiwanese representative office under the name Taiwan in 2021.It was a litmus test for the EU and the West at large, he said.
Landsbergis said there is a need to restore a global order where smaller democracies such as Lithuania, Taiwan and Ukraine are not expendable, adding that a clear signal should be sent to show that the free world cannot and will not allow Taiwan to become a second Ukraine.
The article follows a joint statement by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi during the U.S.-Australia-Japan Trilateral Strategic Dialogue held on the sidelines of the 55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting Aug. 5 in Phnom Penh.
The statement reaffirmed the three countries' commitment to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, expressed concern about China's recent large-scale exercises gravely affectinginternational peace and stability, condemned the launch of ballistic missiles and urged Beijing to immediately cease military exercises.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said ".@GLandsbergis urges the free world to #StandWithTaiwan as #China threatens #IndoPacific peace & stability with live-fire drills in response to
@SpeakerPelosi's #Taiwan visit. We thank #Lithuania's's foreign minister for his friendship, care & concern." (SFC-E)
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A Formosa Club joint statement voicing support for Taiwan is warmly welcomed by the government and people, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aug. 9.
Signed by the club's co-chairs and members from 28 parliaments across Europe and Canada, the statement expresses grave concerns regarding China's live-fire exercises and economic coercion following the visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Beijing's reckless actions have unnecessarily escalated tensions in the Taiwan Strait and undermined Indo-Pacific peace and stability, it added.
The statement additionally stresses that democratically elected lawmakers have the right and duty to travel internationally, including to Taiwan. Such visits should not be used as an excuse for violating the country's waters and airspace, it said.
China should refrain from unilaterally changing the cross-strait status quo, the statement said, adding that the signatories will continue to stand with Taiwan through regular visits, joint dialogues and cooperative efforts to safeguard democracy and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.
According to the MOFA, the ministry has reiterated its condemnation over China's irrational military provocations in the waters around Taiwan over the past several days while calling on the international community to join forces to halt Beijing's authoritarian expansion. Democracies should work together in solidarity, the MOFA said, adding that appeasement and silence will only convey the wrong message to China and encourage Beijing to take further rash military actions.
No country has the right to interfere with the exchanges and mutual visits between any other sovereign countries and Taiwan, the MOFA said. Taiwan welcomes more visits of delegations from Europe and around the world to show their support for the country.
Taiwan shares the universal values of freedom and respect for human rights with like-minded partners such as the EU, the MOFA said. The government will continue working with fellow forces for good to jointly safeguard the rules-based international order, enhance cross-strait and Indo-Pacific peace and stability, and contribute more to global well-being and prosperity, the ministry added.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said: "We thank Formosa Club members from 28 parliaments across #Europe & #Canada for voicing "grave concern" over #China's live-fire drills & economic coercion. @SpeakerPelosi is free to visit any country she likes & #Taiwan is free to welcome any lawmaker it likes. #StandWithTaiwan!" (YCH-E)
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President Tsai Ing-wen received St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and his delegation Aug. 8 at the Presidential Office in Taipei City, underscoring the government's commitment to strengthen bilateral ties with allies while furthering cooperation on educational and judicial issues.
The exchanges between Taiwan and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are growing ever closer, Tsai said. The two countries have overcome challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to expand cooperation to advance national welfare in areas spanning economic transformation and women's empowerment.
Tsai also took the opportunity to thank Gonsalves for speaking in support of Taiwan at many international events since he took office in 2001. His staunch backing during China's military exercises in waters around Taiwan is sincerely appreciated, she said.
As the General Coordinator of the Formosa Club in the Caribbean, Gonsalves continues to support Taiwan's international participation, Tsai said, adding that under his leadership and through mutual cooperation, the two sides will create further prosperity and progress.
In response, Gonsalves said the relations between the two countries are grounded in unbreakable people-to-people links. St. Vincent and the Grenadines will never allow any independent activity to interfere with its bilateral collaboration with Taiwan, he added.
Following the meeting, Tsai witnessed the signing of the Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, the Treaty on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons and the Letter of Intent on Higher Education.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the judicial pacts were inked by Justice Minister Tsai Ching-hsiang and Gonsalves. The former allows cooperation in the process of criminal investigation, prosecution, court procedure, video interrogation, document provision, execution of searches and seizures and crime prevention; while the latter provides sentenced persons with opportunities to serve the sentences in their home countries under certain conditions, the ministry added.
Under the LOI signed by Education Minister Pan Wen-chung and Gonsalves, the Ministry of Education will share more higher education resources, help strengthen the Caribbean ally's professional curriculum design and undertake further academic cooperation, according to the MOE.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said: "Commitment, courage & loyalty: The virtues of @ComradeRalph were celebrated by Minister Wu alongside @iingwen during a 1st-class welcome at the Presidential Office. Our thanks to the PM for inking 2 treaties & an LOI deepening #Taiwan-#StVincentAndTheGrendaines cooperation." (YCH-E)
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Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu hosted a banquet for Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and his delegation Aug. 8 in Taipei City.
Wu, who thanked Gonsalves for visiting Taiwan when China's heightened military threat is a focal point in the region and around the world, said the Caribbean leader's presence underscores the staunch support of the ally for the country and its 23.5 million people.
Taiwan and St. Vincent and the Grenadines have successfully teamed up across a broad spectrum of areas, Wu said, citing cooperation efforts such as combating COVID-19 and rebuilding efforts after the eruption of La Soufriere volcano.
Wu also took the opportunity to thank Gonsalves and his government for the unflagging support of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for Taiwan's participation in international organizations, as well as highlighting the importance of cross-strait and regional peace and stability.
In response, Gonsalves said since he took office in 2011, bilateral relations have gone from strength to strength. High tensions in the Taiwan Strait do not affect the 41 years of friendship and a commitment to visit the country, he added.
In a tweet on its official account, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said "Minister Wu staged a splendid banquet for @ComradeRalph at #Taipei Guest House. The prime minister's genial manner lifted spirits & reassured all & sundry that with true friends like #StVincentAndTheGrenadines in the world, #Taiwan will never walk alone. Happy Birthday, PM!" (DL-E)
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The government of Taiwan is committed to working with its like-minded partners to defend democratic values and counter authoritarian expansionism, Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said Aug. 8.
At the same time, the government will continue to enhance its self-defense capabilities to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, he added.
Wu made the remarks during an exclusive interview with CNN's Will Ripley in Taipei City about the significance of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit earlier in the month and China's recent military activities. The program was aired on the news network's "New Day" segment later the same day.
According to Wu, the people of Taiwan sincerely welcomed Pelosi's visit, as it reflected unwavering support from the U.S. and greatly encouraged the country to remain resolute.
China's military coercion has been getting progressively worse over the last few years, the minister said, adding that Beijing's military threat has always been there regardless of Pelosi's visit.
Wu said China's ongoing life-fire drills near Taiwan are dangerous, provocative, unwarranted and upsetting to the region. Beijing cannot dictate who can come to Taiwan or who can be Taiwan's friend, he added.
Despite the economic sanctions and both military and nonmilitary intimidation tactics, Taiwan's democracy is more resilient than ever, Wu said, adding that life goes on as normal in Taiwan and the people remain undaunted.
The minister said China's ambitions will not end with Taiwan. Beijing is claiming territory in the East and South China Seas, exercising its influence in Africa, Latin America and South Asia and working hard to reach into the Pacific, he added.
While authoritarianism may appear strong, it is brittle, Wu said, adding that democracy will prevail in the end.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said "#China's live-fire drills in response to @SpeakerPelosi's #Taiwan visit jeopardize #IndoPacific peace & stability. Minister Wu details #Beijing's increasingly serious military threat & the need for our country to remain uncowed." (SFC-E)
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A delegation comprising transportation officials and industry representatives from Lithuania started a five-day visit to Taiwan Aug. 7, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Led by Lithuania Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agne Vaiciukeviciute, the 11-member group includes business leaders from the EU member state's electric bus sector, the ministry added.
During their stay, the delegates will call on Taiwan's related ministries and leading businesses to explore new opportunities in sectors such as electric buses, 5G telecommunication technology and smart and green transportation. The two sides will also discuss ways to strengthen cooperation among democratic nations to enhance global supply chain resilience, the MOFA said.
This visit follows two other Lithuania trade delegations in June, one led by Vice Minister of Economy and Innovation Jovita Neliupsiene and the other led by Vice Minister of Agriculture Egidijus Giedraitis.
The MOFA said Taiwan and Lithuania are partners in freedom, democracy and respect for human rights, with the two sides sharing the same concerns for key global issues including democratic resilience and supply chain security.
In the face of the authoritarian expansionism that continues to threaten the rules-based international order, the two partners are committed to standing in unity with the rest of the free world to safeguard the democratic values that they cherish, it added.
Toward this end, the MOFA said the two sides will prioritize cooperation on global transportation which is critical to the free flow of commodities, people and trade.
In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said "The heartiest of #Taiwan welcomes to @vaiciukeviciute & her delegation! We wish #Lithuania's deputy minister of transport & communications a highly productive 5-day stay aimed at strengthening strategic cooperation & business tie-ups in the cutting-edge sectors of tomorrow." (SFC-E)
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